Understanding Copyright Term

Designing is one of the most important concepts to have a professional outlook on. It is basically a plan or specifications for the creation of an actual object or process or for the successful implementation of such a plan or specification, or the outcome of which plan or specification in the shape of a product, machine or process. The word ‘design’ itself actually has more than one meaning. For instance ‘design’ is used when speaking of artistic designs by architects and paintings. In engineering, ‘design’ is used to mean the quality of a structure and its utilities, while ‘building’ is used to refer to the construction and materials used for such a structure.


The designers do not only think outside the box but also creatively come up with solution for the problems that they are faced with. Designers solve design problems by coming up with new and innovative concepts and methods to tackle the same problems. They do not rely on the information provided by other people or information that is copyrighted. Rather, they use their creativity to think beyond that and come up with the best possible solution.

The designers can either create an original idea, drawing, or concept, they can re-invent an idea or concept, they can improve on an existing idea or concept, they can re-imagine a product, they can think of innovative solutions for problems, they can improve on or change the existing technology, or they can incorporate new technologies or improvements to make the product more efficient. Designers need to draw upon many different resources such as knowledge from science and art; they need to think out of the box and be imaginative. Designers also have to factor in knowledge about the legal, financial, commercial, environmental and ethical issues involved in product creation and innovation. Designers must be able to work within the constraints of copyright terms, competition, marketing, technical and functional considerations and they have to be capable of producing good quality designs. Designers are continuously challenged by new challenges arising every day and they continue to develop, improve and explore new opportunities to improve the quality of products and services.