Types of Arts

Arts are a broad spectrum of human actions that involve artistic creativity, physical strength, aesthetic sense, visual sense, emotional ability, or a desire to express unique creative beauty, strength, emotional power or other concepts. This can also be mixed with other fields that include design, business, humanities, education, social sciences, and others. Some of the most famous names in arts include Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Leonardo Dicavilli, Anne le Renoir, Donatello, Georges Braque, Vincent Van Gogh,orate Raoul de la Rouchfoucauld, Aleister Crowley, Edouard Manet, and many others. These people have produced some of the most beautiful works ever created. Many people choose to study arts for a variety of reasons including expressing their own individual creativity, improving their communication skills, earning money, and others.


Visual arts include painting, drawing, sculpture, and music. Photography and visual arts go hand in hand because art is used to communicate thoughts and ideas. When you take a photograph you are communicating an idea just like when you write a letter or make a statement on the Internet. Architecture on the other hand is the building itself. The architectural arts include interior design, building construction, and designing exterior spaces.

There are two major branches of arts that exist today. The first is typically referred to as the fine arts which includes music, dance, drama, visual arts, performance art, and printmaking. The other major branch of art is known as the non-profit arts which includes motion graphics, film studies, comedy, television, video games, performing arts, and visual arts for nonprofit organizations. These seven forms of art have contributed significantly to human life by producing significant contributions in literature, dramatic theater, motion graphics, film studies, television, video games, and visual arts for nonprofit organizations.