Different Styles of Fashion

Style is defined as having a particular manner of dressing or presenting yourself or is associated with a specific style of clothing. An example of style would be how a person dresses in a particular way. An example of style could also be how a fashionable person carries themselves with what they’re wearing. This article aims to define and describe a few different styles that exist. They are formal, casual, informal and trendy.

Formal Style This type of style originated during the Renaissance and was made popular by the French Revolution. The main concept of this style is to create a very structured and elegant look by putting much emphasis on formality and design. Some examples of this style would be the French corset, heavy pieces of armor, and ornate clothing from the era such as the gowns and breeches. This style was popularized by writers such as Madame de Cleves, Diderot and others.

Informal Style This style describes a way of dressing in an informal way that is more flexible than formal. It has become one of the most used styles today where people combine fashion with functionality. For example, jeans are worn for both fashion and function, as are skirts and shirts. An informal style often mixes clothing with accessories, such as jewelry, making it slightly easier to match your style to your surroundings.