What Do You Mean by Arts?

Arts and humanities are the study of culture and society, including visual arts, performing arts, fine arts, cultural studies, literature and history. Arts encompass all of the traditional and the non-traditional arts as well as the more popular sciences. Arts are generally defined as those activities that produce new ideas, products and inventions. Arts can be any of these things, but typically they are all produced by humans engaged in the process of living and working in their particular communities, nations and cultures.


Visual Arts The visual arts include motion graphics, computer animation, visual arts and visual culture. Visual art is commonly known as painting, drawing, photography, and sculpture. Visual artists are those who produce art within the visible world, such as advertising and performance art. Painting and drawing are related to the visual arts, but while the former involves producing images from matter that has already existed while the latter involves making new images from nothing, the two branches do not necessarily have to be used in tandem.

Performance Arts In general, the term “performances” refers loosely to any artistic act or process, regardless of content or form. Performance arts are usually performed for entertainment, for the education of others, for social interaction and for art appreciation. Performance art includes dance, music, drama and film. The performing arts are broad, but there are three major branches: circus, theater and opera.