The Interface Designers’ Dilemma

A design is a blueprint or detailed specification of the arrangement of some physical item or system or even for the performance of some action or process, the outcome of which is to be implemented in the form of a machine, device, structure or application. The verb design generally indicates the act of developing a design, or a blueprint. When the term design is used, it usually implies that a designing has taken place. A designer usually has a clear goal in mind while he is constructing an object. He may be aiming at the production of a certain structure or machine, or he may be considering some aesthetic quality of the end product.

One important thing to remember for the student who wants to pursue a career in the field of ux design is that he should have a clear understanding of the various concepts involved. He must be able to differentiate between the various terms in designing. For example, there are three main concepts involved in ux design, namely, composition (also known as architecture), visual memory and presence. A good designer should be able to formulate and use appropriate ways of putting these different concepts into practice so that he can create good designs. A good ux designer should also be capable of designing in the model and thinking of artistic solutions to architectural problems.

Many designers are attracted by the glamour and glitter associated with professional ux and UI designing. But before they make their move towards this profession, they need to learn about the various complexities involved in UI designing. As an example, while designing an interface, a user might expect buttons, text boxes, image boxes, drop-down menus and check boxes, all of which are really simple things. However, the UI designer has to think of creative ways in which these simple items can be presented in the best possible way on the screen. A UI designer would therefore need to have thorough knowledge of various text browsers, their functions, their appearance and their capabilities so that he can come up with aesthetically pleasing and functional user interfaces.