The Importance of Good Design in Product Development

A design is a blueprint or plan for the execution of some physical act or procedure or even for the creation of some altered object or machine or the resultant of this plan or blueprint in the form of some prototype, model or finished product. So the verb to design also implies the act or procedure of creating a design. Design can also be used in conjunction with the verb to build which means ‘to fabricate’ or ‘to construct’ (as in constructing a building).


Designers are very important to the success of any project, whether it’s a complex web application, a novel electronic device, a printed document or an attractive website – designers are perhaps the most important aspect to the success of any project at all. Often the smallest things are the most important and designing a website, a booklet or a logo can be very difficult because the smallest details can sometimes give away the ultimate secret of what a product is about, what it’s about and what it should look like. It’s often said that a well designed web page is worth more than a thousand words – the truth is it’s not quite so easy to explain! Designers are at the heart of any creative industry – they are found everywhere, from university colleges and universities to advertising agencies and graphic design firms.

It’s often said that good design is the difference between a success and a failure, but it can be said that bad design can turn even the best product into a failure. We’re often reminded that it’s important to choose carefully when choosing a design company or individual, and that there’s no point in rushing out and hiring the first designer you meet, particularly if it turns out that he’s not the right fit for your project. Many designers have their names associated with successful projects, as designers working on innovative digital product development have been hired by large corporations and research organisations because they have produced quality and effective design. It may not always be easy to find the right person, but if you can – and you’ll almost certainly have to – it can make a huge difference to the finished product.