The Definition of Style

Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry because everyone wants to be in style! Everybody wants to look like someone else, or at least someone is trying to be. Fashion is about what people want to wear at any given time. Fashion has always been a part of society, but over the past 10 or so years it has become more mainstream than ever before. Celebrities are now better known for their fashion rather than their acting.


The most important thing about fashion is that it is fluid. Fashion changes depending on the current events, trends, social situations, or even personalities. In most cases, if a piece of clothing isn’t in style today, it will be soon. For example, many think that the black mini dress is out right now, but it may not be until the upcoming prom season. In addition to being in style, a piece of clothing must be wearable, practical, comfortable, easy to clean, breathable, and of course stylish. The characteristics of a style are endless; there is no one definitive definition for a style.

Every style has a particular reason or trait that makes it desirable. If we eliminate the reasons, there are no styles. A style can be a style because of how it makes you feel, because of what it lacks, or simply because it exists. In conclusion, a style is just a label that describes the behavior.