Some Design Principles

Design is a creative act or activity, usually involving some form of art, in which the output is used as a model for another. A design is essentially a description or plan for the arrangement of an existing object or structure or for the efficient performance of an action or process, or even the end result of this plan or specifications in the form of a blueprint, sample, product or example. The verb to design normally refers to the process of designing. The design also needs to meet certain functional requirements. This involves coming up with a blueprint or drawing in order to have a clear understanding of the actual physical structure. The term “designing” refers to the determination of how an object will best serve its intended purpose.


There are some things which are considered as good design and there are others which are not. For instance, good design can be determined by looking at the way the structure is constructed and planned, the way it functions and the effects which it has upon the surrounding area. A good example of good design would be the use of good office furniture which compliments the atmosphere of the place, a good design is one which does not cause an obstruction in the functioning of other people’s lives, and this in turn leads to a better efficiency of work in a workplace. A good design is also one that makes it easy for people who do the work to operate in harmony with the surroundings and co-operate effectively with each other, for instance, working in teams instead of working individually.

A good example of good design works includes using typography in creating a product brochure, which although having no connection with the nature of the product (such as food) has direct relation with the nature of the user interface. A good designer must therefore be skilled at both designing things which are beautiful but do not distract from the user experience. A good example of how typography can be used to help create such a design would be when you are reading a brochure in a grocery store and there are colors all around you which are distracting. Designers who are able to use typography effectively in making things simple for users and at the same time beautiful is what these designers are capable of.