How To Apply Different Styles To Your Microsoft Word Document

A style is a pre-defined combination of size, font style, and color which can be used to format any text on your document. Styles are often used to help your documents to create a more professional appearance and feel to them. Styles can also help your documents quickly change many different things within the document at once.


The normal style normally appears as the default style for all headings in a Microsoft Word document. All headings have the same formatting properties, which include their size, color, background, alignment, font style, etc. If you need to format multiple headings, then you will create a separate document in order to set the proper headings for each one. The document should then reference the appropriate heading within the main body of the text for each paragraph within the document. For example, if you wanted to change the heading for the first paragraph, then you would just type this new heading directly into the text area of the document while using the normal style for the rest of the paragraphs within the first paragraph.

To change the formatting of a heading, then all you have to do is select it, right click it, and choose the new style. Then you will see a pop up window with the new formatting of the heading. This new style will replace the existing style, which was set during the Save As dialog box. The only thing you need to remember when altering the styles is to save your work as you always should. Also make sure to click ok. This will apply the new formatting of the heading to your text.