How Do Online Poker Rooms Make Money?


Poker has been around for as long as recorded history. Not only is it the most popular card game in the world, it is also the most commonly depicted casino game in popular culture, including the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” and in Japanese anime. Playing poker is a game of strategy and psychology with very little to do with luck. In some ways, playing poker is like an art form. In fact, it is considered to be one of the oldest forms of human interaction.

With the advancement in technology, playing poker has never been easier. You can play poker from your home, on the go, or with a live dealer from any computer. With a wide variety of games available to suit every skill level, playing poker is no longer a luxury. Playing poker with your computer, tablet, or smartphone is just a click away. Whether you are playing a game against the computer or your friends, you’ll have an opportunity to win big.

Online poker rooms earn the majority of their revenue from four major methods. Rake, similar to the vig paid by bookies, is collected from most real money ring games. Rakes are calculated as a percentage of pot size, and are capped at a maximum fee. Rake structures differ between online poker rooms. Compared to live poker tables, online poker rooms incur fewer expenses. Nonetheless, players should still keep this in mind when planning their finances.