Fine Art Paintings and Sculpture

Arts are a broad spectrum of human activities related to physical, visual, performing, and creative imagination in combination with organizational behavior that attempts to create a unique production. It includes visual arts, performance arts, literature arts, and creative arts. These disciplines often have as their central purpose the promotion of creative expression, knowledge creation, interpersonal communication, community building, or physical culture.


The most popular form of arts is painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and music. Each of these forms have as their fundamental components the use of primary colors, visible tones, and other factors such as composition, structure, and lighting. In addition, the process of painting, drawing, photography, printmaking, and music involve the application of a variety of different artistic practices including movement, materials, and expression. Additionally, in addition to the application of physical tools and the manipulation of various materials, artists must also utilize the application of mental processes in order to create meaningful and original works of art. In a broad spectrum of art forms, you will find the following categories: visual/permanent arts, sound arts, performing arts, literature and film, music, and art and visual culture.

While each of these art forms have varying methods and materials used to create them, each of them represents the physical world around us and the unique creative potential of our species. Furthermore, each of these art forms is an expression of the aesthetic senses through which we view the world and each other. Because fine art is such an active and involved process, it should be approached as such. An appreciation of this will lead to the creation and appreciation of the works of other artists.