Fashion’s Etymology – Style

Fashion is the predominant fashion in a society at a certain period. Fashion generally refers to new trends: it refers to the ways of dressing in a particular era. Fashion is generally defined as how people dress according to social custom and/or tradition. The culture may have a certain type of fashion. Usually, new styles will become fashionable over a period of time as more people get to know them. The next few lines will talk about the major categories of fashion.


This is an example of a type of fashion: a mode, which is “to change in conformity with the times, or as a reaction to current events”. A style can be described as “a style, a style”, or a trend. Different people have various opinions about what constitute a style. Fashion gurus, fashion editors, bloggers, and social media influencers then interpret that vision by their own opinions, and fashion retailers apply that data to sell clothing to the general public.

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