Determining the Definition of Style

Style is an important aspect of a person’s dressing. Style is generally the prevailing style in a society at a particular time. Fashion generally refers to cultural patterns: It includes popular modes of dressing during a particular era. The major part of fashion industry is dealing with the current, popular styles of the time. The style of clothes reflects on the class of a society, which can be seen from various places such as fashion shows and celebrity magazines.


The style of clothing depends on the society in which it lives. In certain societies the people follow certain styles, which are considered to be a style. When it comes to men, they generally wear a suit, whereas women usually wear trousers or skirts. In some societies like in China, Japan, Korea and others the men and women usually dress differently. Fashion is basically the branch of art that is concerned with presenting people who are beautiful, fashionable, elegant, bold, or sexy in a particular kind of manner.

A style can be described as an ornamentation that varies significantly from its neighbors. Different styles may include rocker, hip hop, jazz, punk, and a number of other styles. A new style is always being developed. As a matter of fact, the definition of a style continues to change because new styles are developed along with different trends in the fashion industry. Different people have different personalities, which adds to the diversity of the latest trends.