Design Principles

A graphic design is basically a drawing or layout of something, usually an object, and its arrangement on a particular surface or scale, or the output of that drawing for example, in the shape of a sample, prototype or experiment. The word ‘design’ as used in this context is often used in a generic sense to denote any variety of artistic designs by means of color, lines, form, texture or other visible aspects of a prepared object or blueprint. The verb ‘design’ also denotes the action of arriving at a solution to a problem in the application of scientific or practical principles. So the term design itself literally means ‘to prepare.’


A designer does not just scribble down some design on a piece of paper and then bring it to life on a computer monitor. A designer first has to sketch out the intended design process on paper and get feedback from others in the process. The designing process can involve a large number of steps, including the conceptualization of the subject, analysis of the subject, planning the methods and techniques involved, implementing the methods and finally the drawing and implementing the sketch. Most designers work in groups of two or more and work through a set process, such as the use of computers, manual drafting, using sketches and finally the electronic production of the final product.

In order to have a successful designing process, you need design principles that allow for multiple possibilities in the design process without undesirable discontinuities. A few of the basic design principles that you will need include: A need for user experience designers, designing for multiple audiences, designing in a manner consistent with the client’s needs and expectations, designing for multiple functional groups and many other design principles. So when you are designing for one user you don’t need to be designing for millions of users. It may well be that you only need a single user experience designer who can figure out the most appropriate user experience for a specific type of product.