An Overview

A design is basically a blueprint or detailed description of an act or procedure or the outcome of such an act or procedure, or the product or system designed by an architect, designer, manufacturer or engineer. The word ‘design’ can also mean to decide, by way of combinations of numbers, to put together or arrange something, or to arrange or combine in some way. It literally means ‘to shape or form.’ The term to design suggests the actual process of constructing a design, i.e., the designing down of viable models or ideas to a specific structure, idea, form, or model.


Designers are those people who work on design projects, and they are usually employed by architects, interior designers, planners, engineers, biomedical researchers or artists and product owners. The work done by designers has far-reaching impacts on society at large. They can influence the production and the consumption choices made around us. Designers can be thought of as visionaries. Designing is one of the most important activities of contemporary times. The impact of designers can be seen in virtually every area of life from architecture to toys and clothes to transportation.

A graphic designer usually develops computer or human visual solutions, and he/she uses different forms of art, design and computer software to provide visual results. Web designer is a web developer, responsible for creating attractive and informative sites for users. Designers and developers often play an important role in influencing the choice and development of colors and images on the internet, in catalogs and in advertisements.