Design Thinking in Engineering

Design Thinking in Engineering Design is used to describe a process by which something is produced. A design is typically a detailed description or blueprint for the production of an item or system, the output of which is to be delivered for consummation or performance. The verb design also describes the act of producing a • Read More »

What Are the Focus of Arts?

What Are the Focus of Arts? Art is a broad spectrum of human activities relating to visual sense, physical sensation, personal aesthetic sense, creative imagination, or creative thinking to express personal aesthetic sense, beauty, emotion, or power. It includes the creative arts such as music, sculpture, dance, and literature, visual arts such as painting, drawing, • Read More »

What Is Style?

What Is Style? Style is the science of identifying, relating to, and choosing the most appropriate style for a specific object or situation. It is the skeleton of a design discipline. Style has a number of different categories, including formal, semi-formal, and casual design. A type of style that is often used is called a • Read More »

Design Thinking – Using Creative Thinking to Find Solutions

Design Thinking – Using Creative Thinking to Find Solutions A graphic design is an artistic concept or program or procedure for the creation of an actual object or system, or the logical output of an application, product or procedure, or the product of that program or procedure. The word ‘design’ includes all branches of arts • Read More »

Different Styles of Fashion

Style is defined as having a particular manner of dressing or presenting yourself or is associated with a specific style of clothing. An example of style would be how a person dresses in a particular way. An example of style could also be how a fashionable person carries themselves with what they’re wearing. This article • Read More »

Creativity and Design

Creativity and Design A design is basically a blueprint or plan for the production of an object or technique or even for the execution of an action or process, or just the outcome of which plan or blueprint exists in the form of a model, machine or procedure. The verb to design normally indicates the • Read More »

Arts and Crafts Galleries

Arts and Crafts Galleries Arts are the expression of something real in the life. The word “arts” is derived from Greek words typos “craftsman” and ergonomos “works”. Arts include dance, architecture, painting, music, sculpture, and performance. Arts include many different types of activity that involve creative problem-solving and imaginative ability. Art consists of human visual • Read More »

Style Sheets for Quick Change

Many different things may be thought about when you say Style, but when it comes down to it there are only a few things that really matter. There are clothes to wear for certain occasions and outfits to wear for everyday life. Every man has a certain style, and women want their guy to look • Read More »

The Importance of Good Design in Product Development

A design is a blueprint or plan for the execution of some physical act or procedure or even for the creation of some altered object or machine or the resultant of this plan or blueprint in the form of some prototype, model or finished product. So the verb to design also implies the act or • Read More »

The Elements of Arts

The field of arts encompasses a wide variety of human activities, which may include dance, literature, music, theater, film, and visual arts. Arts is a broad spectrum of human activities including creative creativity to produce technical prowess, beauty, emotion, or comprehensive social knowledge. The term “arts” can also be used to refer to a specific • Read More »