An Overview of the History of Arts


An Overview of the History of Arts

Arts is an inclusive group of human activities relating to the visual arts, performing arts, creative writing, music, dance, and visual communication arts. Arts have been defined by scholars since the mid-nineteenth century as an application or practice of the applied practices of art to promote the social, psychological, and communal development of humans. These include interaction with the environment, historical perspective, and representation. It has been categorized into different fields in order to facilitate the study and specialization of individual arts such as dance, drama, music, visual arts, theater, and photographic arts.

The scope of applied art has been further broadened in the twentieth century with the international exchange of cultures, expanding the boundaries of artistic practice, and redefining artistic production. It is an important field of research and includes many fields such as museum studies, aesthetic psychology, digital humanities, cross-cultural communication, and applied linguistics. The field emphasizes the application of knowledge and expertise in areas that lie beyond the specific arts, such as culture, language, literature, and design. In general, it incorporates many art forms and practices and encourages the replication of these disciplines through cross-disciplined partnerships. Some examples include applied anthropology, cognitive science, communication science, graphic design, journalism, performance studies, psychology, and sociology.

The history of the arts can be traced back in human history to the emergence of culture and art, and traces its development across time and geographic boundaries. The history of arts is also divided into four main periods: Pre-colonial/ Colonial arts, Colonial/Latino arts, Post colonial/ickenian arts, and Global/Rural arts. Some of the most prominent works in the history of arts include the Pre-colonial/ Colonial, Caribbean, Classical and Renaissance, and Georgian. Examples of Pre-colonial/ Colonial arts include the works of Mayan art, Spanish architecture, and the works of Chinese pottery.

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