The Relationship Between Style and Gender


The Relationship Between Style and Gender

Style is one of the most debated topics among people from all walks of life. Some think it is just about what you put on your body, while others feel that the way one dresses has much more to do with fashion than what they put on their bodies. The truth of the matter is that fashion and the way people dress is as important to society as it is to people who are just dressing for the sake of it. Styles reflect society and it is important for everyone to follow the trends that are currently being pursued by the masses. If everyone doesn’t, then society will suffer as a whole.

Style is generally the dominating style in a given society at a particular time. However, fashion must do more with style than just deciding what kind of clothes someone is going to wear, especially because everyone is different. Fashion normally refers to following popular trends: It means that certain ways of dressing throughout a period are common. Fashion gurus, fashion bloggers, designers, and advertisers then use this information to sell clothes to people, and the major retail industry makes use of this data in order to determine which styles and designs will be most successful. Sometimes designers will change the direction of what is deemed as a popular trend so often, that we end up completely confused as to what is currently popular.

Because some people do not have the slightest idea of what is popular, sometimes the styles that are considered to be extremely fashionable can seem to change drastically from time to time. In addition, because all styles can change so rapidly, it becomes very difficult for a normal person to follow the changing fashion trends and keep up with the ever-changing styles that are available for purchase. The difficulty lies in the fact that most computers cannot accurately display all of the styles that are currently popular. As a result, people must rely on different kinds of tools such as internet forums and social networking websites in order to quickly change their style on a regular basis.

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