Learn More About the Arts


Learn More About the Arts

Arts and Humanities are the combination of the discipline of humanities and the study of arts. Art is a broad spectrum of human activities including visual creativity to display technical competence, beauty, emotion, or other creative ideas. Some of the most popular areas of studies are psychology, literature, history, theater, computer science, applied science, television, and visual arts. The degree programs offered in arts and humanities contain courses on creative writing, dance, visual arts, film, multimedia, visual culture, theater, music, and theater production. Arts and Humanities major prepare students to use the multiple media to communicate and express themselves.

Visual art includes drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, architecture, and sculpture. Designers, critics, educators, and students work together in a collaborative environment to produce and perform visual art that can influence social attitudes toward the environment, products, and services. Architectural art is concerned with designing buildings, spaces, and landscapes. Sculptors create art from a variety of materials that include stone, concrete, ceramic, wood, glass, steel, fabric, and fiber.

Visual arts and fine arts include the application of the human visual system to create representations of the natural and man-made world. Visual art can be of tangible items such as paintings and sculptures, or it may consist of digital images, computer-generated imagery, video, or film. Performers and artists who choose to specialize in specific visual arts work are known as visual artists. Other types of artists include printmakers, book illustrators, art Printmakers, jewelry makers, potteries craftsmen, and graphic designers.

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